We are pleased to announce that PocketPills has been added to the Sheet Metal Local 30 Welfare Plan! Members can fill and manage prescriptions for themselves and their eligible beneficiaries from anywhere!

PocketPills is Canada’s #1 online pharmacy. Members and their beneficiaries can think of this service as a mobile pharmacy with more convenience, better savings and exceptional customer service.

Please refer to this webpage for more information on this new and exciting service!

Why PocketPills?

  • Convenience: Pharmacy at your fingertips via mobile app
  • Cost savings: Low dispensing fee and pharmacy markup
  • Free delivery: Next day delivery to anywhere in Canada
  • Pharmacists on-call: Available seven days a week for support


PocketPills.com – Check out their website for yourself!

Caregiver Feature – Helping loved ones manage their medications

Welcome Flyer – Introduction to PocketPills, with coupon code!

Overview – How PocketPills will work for you


Q: What if I already have a prescription at my existing pharmacy?
A: If you have refills at your pharmacy, PocketPills can transfer your prescriptions and deliver your medications to your doorstep for free.

Q: How can my Doctor send PocketPills my prescription?
A: You can ask your medical clinic to fax your prescription directly to 1.888.FAXMYRX and PocketPills will call you to coordinate your delivery.

Q: Who should I contact if I need help using PocketPills?
A: Please contact PocketPills if you have questions or concerns. They are reachable via call or text from 9 am – 9 pm EST any day
of the week at 1.833.HELLORX or email at care@pocketpills.com


Introducing PocketPills

PocketPills App

PocketPills Webinar
Click here to view the PocketPills pre-recorded webinar.